Tips to a Better School Year & Whitening Coffee Stains

 I always get the school blues around this time of year, and I start to worry about how to manage my time in order to have the best upcoming school year! I like to be over-prepared before school starts in order to optimize the time I had to prepare during the summer. Here are a few ways that you can have a better 2017/2018 school year. 


1.  Organize your schedule

Actually, write down your schedule! Include your classes, extracurricular, church, work, and times that may work well for you to study and do homework. This can be helpful in keeping yourself on track when it comes to keeping up with your courses and reduce the stress that lack of time management can cause. 

2. Get yourself pampered and primped

Ladies, I can't be the only one who has made it halfway through the semester and realize that I need my haircut, a manicure, and my eyebrows are just completely out of control! Making sure that you take care of yourself before the semester begins can be a relief on those early mornings, knowing that you still have good hygiene. I go get my nails done, hair trimmed, eyebrows waxed, and I also whitten my teeth, because a white and confident smile can mask-wearing the same black yoga pants to class every day that week. 

I use Smile Brilliant, with their custom trays and user-friendly products, I always know that my smile is going to come out looking bright and beautiful after each treatment. 


I love how Smile Brilliant fits so well with my busy lifestyle, treatments are simple and I always get visible results.  I usually use my smile brilliant trays while I listen to an online lecture and participate in discussion boards. When I'm done, I take my custom trays (which fit perfectly!) out revealing a much prettier smile than before. Each Smile Brilliant kit comes with a custom tray, whitening applications, simple, well-done instructions and if your teeth are sensitive you can order the sensitive kit. I have the desensitize gel and it really is effective in keeping me comfortable through the whitening process! 


3.  Make sure you have everything you need

Back to school shopping can be fun, but it can also be spendy! Try to stick to the basics, what do you need in order to best succeed this school year? Yes, you may want that big pack of sharpies, but do you need them to score an A in math class? No, probably not! I always pick up a 5 subject notebook and keep notes from all my classes in one place. It's helpful for studying and it saves backpack space! 


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