Red Flags of Relationships

Whether you are distracted by their good looks or the smooth talk, we've all been there. We've been on a date or dated a guy that clearly wasn't a gentleman.It's so important that we guard our hearts and wait for the guy that is going to treat us like we are priceless, so here are some things to avoid when it comes to finding him. Unfortunately,  all of these are from personal experience, but we grow and learn to expect more, right? 

1. You are the Tuesday night girl

Ugh, girl you don't want to be the Tuesday night girl. If a guy only asks you to hang out on weekdays, but is always busy on the weekends then that is a huge red flag. This probably means that he is seeing other girls and that he'd rather spend his weekend with someone else, lame. You deserve to be a Saturday night girl, a Saturday night girl get's treated with honor and respect.

2. He never offers to pick you up

What is up with this? Do guys not pick girls up from thier house and take them on a date anymore? I think that if he's the right one, he will have the decency to put some effort in and come pick you up and take you out. I think there is something so special and classic when a young man picks you up from your house, opens the car door for you and drives you to dinner. Love it!

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3. He takes days to text back

I understand that sometimes you can forget to text back, but if you haven't crossed his mind once within 24 hours, then I think it is safe to say he's not the one. I hate getting that "I'm sorry, I forgot to text you back!" message 48 hours later. I'm just like, boy I got 99 problems and you are no longer one of them. 

4. He says he wants to be casual

Heck no. I personally don't believe in "casual dating" .  I say it's all in or nothing at all. I truly think it's God's heart for us to be pursued and adored by the one he has for us, so if some guy want's to CASUALLY take up your time, then you can SERIOUSLY see him out the door. 

5. You become a time slot in his schedule

When you literally start to see your name in his weekly calendar,  and then watch him check you off the list on his way out the door, there is a problem. I'm not kidding, this has happened to me. It's not a good feeling to know that you are just a time slot, not a top priority.  Now, I understand people get busy and it is important to schedule quality time with your significant other, but it should never get to the point where you are just striving to check that box.

The bottomline is, we deserve to be treated like we are priceless, because the maker made us worth way more than Rubies. men,  Rubies are expensive. 

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