Mothers Day Guide

Here is the guide of all the things you need to

make Mother's Day 2017 special for your mom!


Express your love for her through words of affirmation.

Mom's don't hear it enough. They raised us, they made us who we are, yet they don't often hear how much they really mean to use. Take a moment to thank and appreciate your mom this mothers day. It certainly fills her heart to hear you give her the recognition she deserves. If you are one that stumbles over your words or finds it hard to voice your appreciating, write her a letter.  She will cherish your words  forever. 


Get her a gift. 

It's so easy for us to skip on a Mother's Day gift, but this is our one day to celebrate our moms and all they are to us. I'm obsessed with my timepiece from Jord Wood Watches. It is not only stylish, but practical. I think that a wood watch would be a beautiful gift for your mom on Mothers Day!

My wood watch is from the Frankie series and it's in dark sandalwood and smoke. I love the face, it is this beautiful grey color with rose gold embellishment. Check out Jord's  wood timepieces! 


Remember that simple is sometimes better, so let her take a nap.

Remember that our mom's have very busy and committed lives, and they rarely get time for themselves. Maybe you should squeeze some time into Mother's day that just gives your mom some time for rest and relaxation. Clean up the house, cook a meal,  and let her take a nap. Honestly, that may be exactly what she want's for Mother's day.  Give her a break from her normal motherly duties, she certainly deserves it. 


Refrain from bickering with your siblings and other family members.

This is a special tip from me to you. Families are dysfunction and imperfect, it's just the way it is. What ultimately makes up a family is love, and it is so important on holidays, including Mother's day to make love the foundation. It can be very tempting to bicker with your siblings, like you do every other day of the year, but we all know that mediating is exhausting and frustrating form moms, so let's give them a break. Come to an agreement that you will be kind and civil with your siblings and other family members. Your mom will be so appreciative

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I hope that this guide to Mother's day 2017 encourages you to celebrate your mom this year. Don't forget to enter the Jord giveaway to receive $50 off a timepiece of your choice, but one lucky winner will win a $100 e-card for there Jord watch! 

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