Being Purposeful With Makeup

I love makeup, I have since I got my first CoverGirl mascara on my thirteenth birthday. Some people are offended or surprised that I wear makeup every day.  Well, for one, I have had problem skin for like forever, as I get older it is getting better through. Thank you, Jesus! Anyways, as an already quiet and self-conscious pre-teen, having the ability to cover my skin a bit gave me the little boost I needed to socialize and make it through middle and high school. It's not that I don't think that I was wonderfully and fearfully made, it's just that I chose to represent the way I feel on the inside the best that I can on the outside. There is no harm in that.

I  was so excited to come across Bella Rae cosmetics while searching for a makeup brand with a purpose. I found just that. Bella Rae is an Australian based cosmetic brand that creates stunning pallets, brushes, and blenders that will change your makeup routine. Not only will it change the way your makeup looks, but it will change the way you feel about putting on makeup, because Bella Rae gives 100% of their profit to charity. Right now all the profit goes to the incredible charity Reaching Thousands Foundation. The Reaching Thousands Foundation is close to my heart as a missionary and as someone who has a deep love and burden for the people of India. To learn more about the foundation watch the video below.  

Bella Rae Cosmetics is a high end makeup brand with a beautiful ministry, everything I love wrapped up in a sleek package! Bella Rae's founder Simone Rae, has a heart of gold and a passion to empower women. She accomplishes that in both her business and her kingdom minded spirit.

 When my Bella Rae products arrived, I was not only shocked with the amount of product in my tailor made pallet, but the impeccable quality and color pay off.  This is my specialized summer toned pallet from Bella Rae cosmetics, with two shadows, a cheek color, and a beautiful bright pink lip! You can design your own pallet too, it is so fun!

Not to mention, my brush set is just about the softest, best quality brush set I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. This brush set is probably my new best friend. It has changed the way I apply makeup, and for someone who really doesn't know what each brush is meant for, I was so happy to see that every brush is labeled with it's intended purpose, so helpful!


Every girl deserves to be and express herself in her most authentic matter. I don't see makeup as a tool to hinder that, but to only enhance how she truly feels about herself and her identity. I personally want to be seen as someone who takes ownership of their life and is identified with the joy of Jesus. Therefore, the way I dress, do my makeup and overall present myself reflects the way I want the world to see me. I am ultimately identified with Christ. 

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