Living Happy and Healthy at 30,000 Feet

I basically live on an airplane. And let me tell you, it is a very challenging transition to spending 20 days a month in the skies.

I just thought I’d share a few things that have made me healthier and happier while I work 80+ flights every month.

  1. Meal Prepping


Meal prepping has seriously changed my relationship with my aviation career. The first few months, I was eating out all the time, and the small snacks I brought like cheese sticks, and chocolate were not helping with the constant exhaustion and fatigue I was facing. When I really started preparing food that was good for my body and brain, my performance and mood at work increased drastically.

Here are the foods that are staples in my cool crew lunch box. They keep well and are easy to travel with.

  • Sweet Potatoes ( I cook them in coconut oil, and TJ’s everything bagel seasoning)

  • Apples and almond butter (cut up honeycrip apples with Justin’s almond butter packets- great protien)

  • Oatmeal packets ( I use the planes hot water to make a quick meal, when our turns between flights are tight!)

  • Quinoa ( I like to put cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette on mine)

  • Chicken sausage or ground turkey (I have found that these meat/protien choices are the best when reheated)

  • Carrots and hummus ( such a filling snack that is so easy to travel with)

  • Clementines ( I always pack 2 Cutie oranges for every work day, the vitamin C is great for your immune system and it makes the cabin smell nice)

  • Cake in a mug ( Okay, this is a guilty pleasure, but after a very long flying day, I love making mug cakes using the coffee maker in my hotel room)

    2. Prevent Sick Germs

I had a cold, or step throat every month for the first 6 months of flying. It was miserable! Although I still get colds often, I have reduced my sick days greatly by preventing illness before I feel it coming on.

Here are some things to pack and remember when you are traveling:

  • Bring sanitizer wipes (I like these natural lavender ones I get from Sprouts) I wipe down literally everything. As a passenger, I sanitize my seat, tray table, arm rest’s, seatbelt buckle, and window cover (NO SHAME in this!) As a hotel guest, every door nob, remote, light switch, and especially the toilet is wiped down before I even take my heals off.

  • Start taking Vitamin C a few days before your scheduled travel day and keep it up everyday. I use several forms, I of course like Emergen-C, and Airborne, but I really like Sprouts Cherry Limeade Vitamin packets (they taste so good!)


3. Simple Self Care

Alright, so I used to make things so complicated on myself, I would bring outfits that were specific for each day ( and I’d end up not wanting to wear it when the day came). I’d also pack way to many make-up products, which just made getting ready frustrating and confusing.

Every trip I go on now, I have a capsule wardrobe. I have literally built my closet around the idea of mixing and matching and it has been so strategic to my happiness when it comes to styling my travel outfits!

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