Tips on Encountering God

Everyone encounters God differently and intimately, but sometimes in the difficult seasons of life it is a struggle to cultivate those encounter's and spend time in His presence. Or maybe you have never encountered God, here are some ways that may jumpstart your experience with Jesus.  I do want to point out though, that you can encounter the Holy Spirit anywhere, anytime, because He is so ready to transform you!

Spend 10 minutes in His word a day. 

Simply spending 10 minutes in the word each day can help you to get on a schedule in which spending time with Jesus is a daily commitment. When it becomes a daily chore, a weekly fill, or something that rarely is a part of your schedule encountering God's presence is much less common because we simply are not opening our heart to His truth.  If you are struggling to know what to read, I really recommend finding a topical study. No matter what your circumstances are, grief, doubt, fear, it's addressed in the bible and studying the scripture on a specific topic can help you gain insight and experience God's, heart. 

Start a conversation journal. 

What is a conversation journal? A conversation journal is a new way of speaking with God that is almost tangible. In a conversation journal, you simply write down a question you want to ask God and wait to hear his answer. It requires patience and intentional listening, but the reward is worth it. For example, you may ask, "God, what is your will for this difficult decision? (insert difficult decision)". So you write down the question, listen for an answer, and anything you hear, anything that pops into your head or you visualize, your write down. Then after a few minutes, you read all the things you wrote down and see if you can make sense of the answer, or maybe the answer will be just blatantly clear. Sometimes God just works that way!

Surround yourself with Christian influenced media.

We are so bombarded with media that infiltrates our mind and makes it difficult for us to focus on listening and encountering God.  I encourage you to replace some of that secular media with Christian influences. I love listening to today's top hits as much as you do, but let me tell you Elevation Worship can make me feel joy like no other! 

I love going to see the new Christian films that come out. One that I am really looking forward to seeing is Heavenly Deposit. Heavenly Deposit is a film based on the real-life events of the producer and actor George Vincent. It follows his story in the 2009 American recession and housing crisis. As he and his wife struggle to make it through those tough financial times, and face life’s trials, Peter Ranos, played by George Vincent finds himself encountering God for the very first time. His experience with God changed his life forever, and a beautiful story of redemption, grace, and transformation takes place. With actors and actresses like Kristina Denton, Ella Joyce, John Savage, Barry Van Dyke,  Peter Jason, Frank Ashmore and Benjamin A. Onyangoas , this movie is sure to be an incredibly well-done film and inspiring story.  Rick Irvin and George Vincent are the co directers for Heavenly Deposit. Faith filled films like Heavenly Deposit need support in order to make it on the big screen. When we support Christian media, we support the gospel reaching thousands of people through an evangelism form like anything else. Media and movies attract and draw in large audiences, audiences that otherwise may not have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, so I encourage you to follow along with the Heavenly Deposits journey. 

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