New Creations

          Welcome to New Creations, a collab with my sweet friend Allie about identity in Christ.  


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How do you define your identity in Christ?

I define it as my empowerment, my confidence, my wholeness. I identify with Christ, because I am of him, I am His emboldened creation. 

What is an everyday struggle for you concerning your identity and how do you combat that on a daily basis?

My everyday struggle starts with the second I look in the mirror in the morning. 

Makeup free, probably wearing my Frozen jammies, and messy curls from the day before. I look at myself and say, “how could this mess be loved”. So, I apply makeup covering up all the imperfections, find a trendy shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, and I throw some fresh curls in my hair and sometimes I say to myself, “you look alright.” 

My identity is so often found in my reflection and not in my impressions. The impressions I am leaving on others hearts for the sake of Christ. When I study scripture and spend time within the Lords presence I realize that I am whole, that I am a new creation and that any imperfection I have is covered by grace. My sense of empowerment and confidence comes directly from that grace. 

What scripture guides your identity and how do you live that out?

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

The scripture that Allie and I centered this post on was 2nd Corinthians 5:17, because identity in Christ is a transformation. It's something that tears down the old and makes you anew. I want to live that out by blessing others with the gifts of my identity. With loving others into the grace of Christ and watching them undergo the process of being made anew and adopting identity in Jesus.  

What's a significant experience that shaped your perception of identity? (or, of identity in Christ?)

I was recently hanging out with some friends, and we got on the subject of women and one of my friends said, “ Lexi, you're like really into women empowerment and stuff right?” I felt my self get uncomfortable and I thought, “what? am I?” Then I said, “Yes, yes I am.” I am, because Jesus is. He designed women to have a voice, he made us bold, beautiful and whole in him. (Don’t take this the wrong way, that doesn't mean I'm anti-men or that I will vote for a woman for office, just because I want a women to be president.)

 After my conversation with my friends, I just realized how essential the process of becoming a new creation in Christ is. For me the process of grasping and perceiving my identity came from me understanding and realizing that I was valuable. My identity is so much more intricate then how I rate on a scale of 1-10 in attractiveness. My identity is summarized by the attributes of Jesus himself (His goodness, kindness, grace...). 

How has God reminded you of the freedom you have when your identity is in Christ?  How does He continue to do that today? 

Recently I have prayed this phrase over and over again, “Jesus be my confidence”, because I realized confidence isn't pride it’s the boldness to be a child of God and to adopt that title. The freedom I feel when I acknowledge the fact that I am set free from the identity that used to bind me up, the identity of someone not worthy, not pretty enough, and not confident. I find such great joy! I know that I can walk in a confidence that is completely true and full. 

Today, when I begin believing the lies I hear when I look at myself in the mirror every morning I start combatting it with some powerful words. I say to myself, "I bind this up, and throw it back to where it came from, because I am a daughter of the one and only King."